Art conservation

Conservation is fundamental in the care of a work of art, ensuring and promoting its longevity while respecting the integrity of each piece. This means preserving the structural stability and aesthetic appearance while trying to minimize the intervention. Technical examinations and research play therefore an important role in maintaining the highest possible standards of care.

The CofArt studio is specialised in conservation and restoration of fine oil paintings and painted objects. Undertaking a wide range of work, which includes: consolidation, structural work on wooden panels, canvases, miniatures, cleaning, filling, retouching and varnishing. In addition to digital and ultraviolet photography carried out in the studio, other technical analysis can be commissioned from outside specialists. The analysis can help to better understand the artist's creative process and materials, and with attribution and dating. Other services include collection surveys and condition reports provided prior to a sale, auction or exhibition. Advice on environmental control, insurance, shipping, framing and presenting works of art.